Direct Mail Business – The Smart Way To Start Your Own Direct Mail Business

Today there are hundreds of opportunities to get into the profitable Direct Mail business. And, you don’t have to be creative or clever, or have invented something new. You only need the desire and determination to achieve your goals. If you like independence, can make simple decisions easily and are prepared to devote energy to your project, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

The Direct Mail business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It won’t make you a millionaire overnight. But it can build into a steady, profitable business at home – as big or as small as you want it to be.

Think big and think with confidence. The only way to truly make a Direct Mail business work is to MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU. This is a low-risk, low investment business that can make you HIGH PROFITS.


It is a proven fact that dozens of small and large companies make great profits from the Direct Mail business.

Even in today’s eCommerce society, nothing has more impact then direct mail. Think about what you receive in the mail. Almost every day you get flyers and brochures from all sorts of companies selling magazines, books, clothing, house hold items Рeven vacation packages. Some of them you may toss away without even looking at; some of them you may read; and some of them you may buy from, especially if you know the company and have bought before.

An honest Direct Mail business is something to feel proud about. Just as valid as opening a storefront, this business needs so little investment that, with perseverance, you almost can’t help but win.

As in any other money-making enterprise, from working for someone else, to owning and operating your own company, the Direct Mail business requires energy. But it doesn’t take away enthusiasm or confidence. As a matter of fact, the more positive thought you put in, the more rewards can be reaped.

Decide on how much you want to earn, how much energy you can devote to this business, and what you want out of it. You can operate a successful Direct Mail business in your spare time with a very low financial investment, but it’s up to you to make it work.


You can run a small Direct Mail business out of your home from the kitchen table. All you really need is a mailing address, a few dollars for a classified ad, and a PRODUCT THAT SELLS.

If you’re just starting in this business, you don’t need to invest in elaborate equipment or expensive manufacturing. In fact, you may find several products to sell that require minimum investment and bring in a maximum profit.

Once you get going, you’ll need the usual computer with laser print, 2×4 mailing labels, few #10 envelopes, some stamps and a list of names.

Eventually you may need your may need to outsource these task and sit back and enjoy the profits.


The basic secret to success in the Direct Mail business is to follow the leader. Especially when you’re beginning, why should you spend the money and time to test products, prices, and places to advertise?

Start at your newsstand or library. Study every copy of each magazine that advertises Direct Mail products. Take a good look at the classifieds section. To write to dozens of these offers – especially any offer for something free. Take a look at the sales literature you get back. You may even purchase a few products to see what is sold for the money asked.

See the patterns?

If you review past issues of these magazines in the library, you’ll notice the ads that repeat month after month. Advertisers who continue to place ads have PRODUCTS THAT SELL. What are these products? Which ones would you like to promote?

Consider the trends in the various magazines. You may notice several similar ads for the same products listed one after another. THEY ALL SELL. And that is where you should begin.


After you start your business, you will find that you have a lot of questions. Questions, that do not have answers at you local library or can be found online. You can only get these answers from a experienced professional direct marketer. Every great direct marketer had greater mentor. An mentor can save you years of effort and allow you to make big profits faster.

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Getting Started With Investing

There are many ways to get rich, other than securing a high paying job or doing well in an operating businesses, is investing. Well, many people do not go into investing because most of the vast majority of people are low risk takers. In order to be successful in investing like Warren Buffet or George Soros, you more or less need to possess some degree of risk tolerance.

As time goes by, with the introduction of many formulated investment instruments or vehicles, it is no longer limited to stocks, counters, bonds and warrants anymore. There are mutual funds or unit trust funds that you help you diversify your risk by expanding exposures in variation of equities in regions, sectors or commodities market. Well, this may appeared to be dismaying to most people who are not au-fait with investment mechanics.

What do you need to know before you start to invest? There are actually three points you need to equip yourself with before you invest.

1. Market sentiments -

First and foremost, by far the most important part of investing is the understanding of market sentiments. Not only stocks even mutual funds are correlated with global market sentiments. Issues like sub prime woes will affect the stock price greatly as it will cause a dent in the confidence of investors. However, on the other hand, if fuel prices rocketed, you need to understand that energy and fuel listed companies will be pushed up significantly while the other counters related to transport would fall. While the equity price plunged, bonds will rise significantly as investor moved their profit to a secured zones. You will also need to know what is “Capricorn effect” where there is usually fierce buying during December period, which will put investors into buying mood.

2. Market strength and weakness -

If there is a great plunge, a start-up investor needs to bear in mind, resisting psychological decision like panic selling. Market movement traditionally move up and down. Put it simply what goes up will comes down and vice versa. When caught in a losing position, do take sector and market movement before coming up with a decision to dump. Well, in normal circumstances excluding company woes, panic selling usually will followed by a recovery.

3. Market mechanics -

You will need to understand taking counter position will incur certain cost like brokerage fees and so on. Apart from “buy low sell high”, there is another form of trading usually known as ‘short sell’. By short selling, you are selling the shares that you borrowed from your broking firm and you are required to cover your position on the same day unless you are using a CFD account in general.

With such knowledge in mind, you should be able to trade equities and mutual funds confidently to give you a good head start. Although it is always good to equip yourself with Technical Analysis, but there are many people with the above general understanding are already doing very well. It’s your choice.

How to Choose the Best Out of Thousands of MLM Businesses?

Online network marketing is a comprehensive term that means marketing a product or service with the help of a network of distributors or agents who are self-employed. These distributors earn commissions on the products they sell as well as the products that are sold by the distributors they in turn have recruited. Since many steps are involved in this kind of business, it is called an MLM business. If you are tired of the corporate world in which you have been busy making money for somebody else but don’t have the kind of money needed to set up a traditional business, a MLM business is a good idea. There are thousands of network marketing businesses out there who offer you ‘an opportunity of a lifetime’, promising you instant success. Bit how many of them are going to be really profitable in the long run is debatable. Before you invest your time and money in a MLM business, spend time understanding the pros and cons so that there is lesser chance of you regretting your decision later.

The first and foremost step to choose the MLM business you will join is to see whether the proposition they are making will be profitable to you. An offer may sound great but it may actually be a dirty little scheme to entice you to sell the scheme to more people down the line without really profiting you. Studying the sales literature is a good way to spot a phony scheme from a genuine one. If the sales literature has an innovative write-up about how to make money easily without you having to put much effort and lacks a detailed description of the product itself, you should think twice before investing. If the product you will be selling is not good enough no amount of good salesmanship is going to make it sell. Generating commissions is the lifeblood of a MLM business. As such, if the product is something that people don’t have a need for or the company doesn’t have the creativity to make it needed, then investing will be a bad idea. Moreover, the product should be such that it encourages repeat sales so that how revenue will keep coming in.

After you have removed the grossly unprofitable MLMs from your list, it’s time to seek out companies which are good. Choose a company which has got a few years of experience behind it. A network marketing company which is 5 years old probably has seen its share of ups and downs and has the ability to get out of the rut. Being listed in the Stock Exchange gives a company a lot of credibility. Make sure that the company you are joining has the capital necessary to pay commissions and continue its growth curve. In this case you would do well if you chose a publicly traded company. Again, the person who recruited you should have an interest in your success and make an effort to help you. Avoid joining a MLM company which sells products which are nothing bit fads. The business will last as long as the fads do.

Network marketing is all about planning on how to exploit your networking skills to maximize your profits. There are ways to ensure that you generate bigger revenues from your MLM business. Choosing from thousands of offers and selecting the best among them can be a daunting task. It’s best to stick to the ‘Highly Recommended’ list of reliable sources, including the internet. Try not to put all your eggs into one basket. Join at least two to three MLM businesses. If one of them fails, you will have the others to fall back on. There is safety in numbers. If the product being sold by an MLM company does not excite you or you don’t believe in it, it will be a disaster if you enroll as a distributor. Selling a product which you think will genuinely benefit the buyers is a great way to self-motivate yourself to go all out and sell it. Having confidence in the product is a boon for a salesperson.

Choosing a MLM business to join is not easy. With thousands of companies offering ‘get rich quick’ schemes all around you, selecting the most profitable one takes careful thought. You will have a lot of advice coming your way but remember that most of them have vested interests. The choice should depend on what your wants are, how much time and money you are willing to invest and what your expectations are from the business. And don’t forget to trust your instincts. Commitment and time towards your business will earn you the success your heart desires.